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What is EtutorTab?
EtutorTab is a touch-screen learning tablet specially designed for preschool to primary school children. Its special designed structure and user interface for delivering wide range of experiences to educate and entertain children. It is preloaded with Singapore 1st Primary School Chinese Syllabus Based Animated Learning content.
How to purchase the EtutorTab?
You may browse and subscribe through our website www.etutortab.net
What is the difference between “Learning Interface” and “Tablet Interface”?
EtutorTab is designed with two different operating environments–customizable Learning Interface and standard Tablet Interface. Learning Interface: Parents may customize the interface to allow children access to learning content. This learning environment enables children to be more focus and learning more effectively. Tablet Interface: This is a conventional flat operating environment, without any restrictions on the use, however password is required to access this interface.
What is the Parental Lock?
The “Parental Lock” is a special function to prevent children from inappropriate online content, and allow parents to monitor the use of the EtutorTab with a password. 
You may set your own password or disable the parental lock function. Unlock this Parental Lock to gain full access to all installed applications and complete tablet PC functions.
How to switch between ¡°Learning Interface¡± and ¡°Tablet Interface¡±£¿
The unique Learning Interface is designed for your children, and it is the default interface for EtutorTab. Setting up Parental Lock to gain full access to all installed applications and complete tablet PC functions.
What should I do if the EtutorTab hang?
First, you may restart your EtutorTab, or uninstall the third party apps (which may not compatible with EtutorTab) which you have installed recently. If the problem persists, please contact us for assistance.
Why WIFI connection be interrupted?
When the tablet is in sleep mode, WIFI function will be closed to save power. When the tablet resumes to operating mode, WIFI function will be recover in 10 seconds automatically.
Why some downloaded APK not working properly?
APKs from varies providers might not went through the tablet compatibility testing. Some parts of the hardware and software for Android system versions have individual requirements, so these might cause downloaded APK to be unusable; this is not due to the quality of the tablet itself.
Why no sound from the headphone?

1.  Please check the volume if it is set to mute;
2.  Please check whether the headphone is well connected.

What should I do if the Tablet charging abnormally?

1.  Please confirm that the use of the equipment complies with the tablet charger requirements.
2.  While charging from PC USB port, please do not tap on "Turn on USB storage" on the tablet.

What should I do if the EtutorTab cannot be rebooted?

1.  Check the battery level;
2.  Ensure the Adapter is working before charging.
3.  If after charging still unable to reboot, please contact our customer service.

What should I do if I forget the password for Parental Lock?
Please contact us @67427555 or email: service@ecombay.com for assistance.
How to learn more about Etutor product and services?
You may browse and subscribe through our website www.etutor.sg.