E-Com Group of Companies (here known as “E-COM”) has been committed to develop and provide educational contents, learning devices, interactive teaching and learning portal, learning management systems, animated multimedia teaching and learning materials as well as educational mobile applications and other digital media applications. E-COM is the market leader for educational content developer and provider (both printed and digital media) in Singapore. Our educational products have even reached out to several South East Asia countries, Australia, China mainland , Hong Kong SAR, Japan and US public schools.

Since launching Singapore’s first Chinese comprehensive e-learning portal for Singapore primary schools “ezhishi.net” in 2001, E-COM keeps up with development trends in using digital technology for Chinese language teaching and learning. Established “Etutor” brand, E-COM has produced a series of digital educational materials and services such as Etutoronline.net learning portal, eChinese Animated Magazine, EtutorStar Learning Pen and Audio book series, Etutor eOral learning card and eOral interactive practice portal, Etutor iClass mobile learning apps (both IOS & Android) and others. These products are reputable, with good visibility and influence on the primary school teachers, students, parents.

E-COM have a team of professionals who are highly skilled in educational content editorial, cartoon characterization, Graphic design, illustration drawing, computer artwork, animation, digital enhancement, computer programming and database development. And further expand the range of services in the field of education, market advantages, the development of space and competitive strength.

For many years, E-COM cooperates closely with schools, education authorities and private sectors, such as Singapore Ministry of Education, a large number of Singapore government primary schools, Lee Kuan Yew Fund for Bilingualism, Singapore Centre for Chinese Language, Confucius Institute Online / Hanban (China), East Normal University (Shanghai), Agency for Science, Technology and Research (A*STAR), Besta/iKnow and many more. Our highly specialized team, quality products, outstanding service, excellent cooperation are well recognized by our clients and partners.

Our responsibility for society is rooted in our hearts as we strive to be a centre of excellence for supplementary education within the community. It is our belief to research about new learning technologies, exploiting the learning potential of ICT: Innovative learning tools and methods, and share our knowledge, experience and nurturing established relationships with community organizations, council and local schools.


艺通公司于2001年,自主开发运营新加坡第一个线上华文学习平台——知识网。2003年自创Etutor教育品版,开发并提供系列深受学校老师、家长、学生们欢迎的学习产品、学习平台与学习服务。包括:Etutoronline.net综合网上学习平台、易?华文动画周刊、Etutor分级电子书教学平台、EtutorStar易笔通学习笔及有声书系列、Etutor eOral互动口试学习卡及线上互动练习平台、Etutor iClass 移动学习应用等。艺通公司教育产品与方案,除了获得新加坡学校及家长的好评及踊跃订阅,在东南亚各地、美国等国家同样受到欢迎,海外订户包括美国公立小学


自2002年,艺通公司长期负责新加坡知识报社学生刊物的卡通画稿、电脑美工等出版设计工作,以及同步电子周刊的开发与制作工作。多年来艺通公司为众多教育机构、学校提供各种传统及电子教学项目开发制作服务,客户包括新加坡教育部、大量新加坡政府小学、李光耀双语基金、新加坡华文教研中心、新加坡科技与研究局、新加坡福建会馆、中国汉办/ 孔子学院(远程)、华东师范大学、无敌字典公司等等。专业团队、优秀品质、良好服务、愉快合作深获学校老师的好评与肯定。